Into The Gyre

Into the Gyre is a 44-minute documentary about a groundbreaking expedition to study the location, extent and effect of plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Gyre. Thirty-four volunteer researchers, scientists and sailors participated in this five-week expedition to the Sargasso Sea, east of Bermuda. 

"Into the Gyre is a much-needed addition and most welcomed for its scientific perspective instead of sensationalism."
-Educational Media Reviews

"An eye-opening document of the damage that's been done to our oceans."
-Vancouver International Film Festival

Producer/Director/Writer: Scott Elliott
Co-Writer: Julia Elliott

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Screenings and Awards:
Scinema 2012, Winner, Best Film
2012 Vancouver International Film Festival
2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival, Honorable Mention, Issue Film
2012 Woods Hole Film Festival, Runner Up, Best Documentary
Buzzards Bay Film Festival, Winner, Best Documentary
American Conservation Film Festival
Silicon Valley Film Festival
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, Winner, Best Environmental Film
2012 Film Festival of Colorado, Winner, Best Environmental Film