Imagine Deerfield

For Deerfield Academy’s ambitious capital campaign, Imagine Deerfield, 590films produced a series of videos that were an instrumental piece of the fundraising strategy. Imagine Deerfield launched in 2011 with the goal of raising $200 million over a five-year period. Our first step in the campaign was to produce the centerpiece video, which offered an overview of Imagine Deerfield’s priorities and told a story of Deerfield’s rich history and enduring values. This video was shown at the campaign launch and other fundraising events and was the focus of the campaign website


Over the next four years, we produced a series of short videos detailing key campaign priorities, as well as a personal appeal from HRM King Abdullah II of Jordan, a Deerfield alumnus and major supporter.

Technology, Curriculum, and Collaboration Short

Capstone Courses Short

HRM King Abdullah II of Jordan Short

Faculty Renewal Short

Global Literacy Short

At the campaign’s close in 2015—one year earlier than projected—Imagine Deerfield had raised a record-breaking $252 million dollars. We produced a closing video as a thank you to the campaign’s many generous supporters, and to show in words and pictures all the ways in which Imagine Deerfield transformed life and learning at the school. 

Imagine Deerfield Campaign Close