New York has always been a city of immigrants. They find their footing in various ways, but for many the first step is one of faith.

Although immigration to New York is slowing, roughly 37% of the population remains foreign-born. They bring with them their culture, traditions and faith. Religion often eases their transition to America by providing social services, a sense of community, cultural continuity and spiritual guidance. Faith can help immigrants to flourish in their new city; occasionally, it can be a source of alienation.

Faith in the Five Boroughs documents the role that faith and religious communities play in the lives of immigrants and their children. We take you inside New York's churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and spaces for private prayer. We examine how the city shapes these religious communities and how, in turn, faith shapes the city.

The project was made possible by a Knight Foundation Grant for Reporting on Religion and American Public Life.

Producer: Julia Elliott and Matt Ozug
Camera/Editing: Scott Elliott