Show Your Work

We’ve had a long and creative partnership with Deerfield Academy. We’re most proud of the work we did for their updated admission materials. Show Your Work is the centerpiece of that effort—a 9-minute video in which current students give prospective students their take on the Deerfield experience.

Deerfield gave us a lot of freedom to come up with a concept and visual approach, which then informed the print materials and nine additional short videos.

Our first project for the school was producing the videos for Imagine Deerfield, a capital campaign that raised a record-breaking $186 million.

We did the video work for three inspiring Deerfield TEDx events.

And we’ve been having a lot of fun shooting new sports videos.

Short for the Deerfield Atletics Department.

From Observation to Insight

Short video for Deerfield admissions.

Under Deconstruction
Short video for Deerfield admissions